Welcome to
Les Arts Gstaad!

The cultural centre Les Arts Gstaad is intended to make the Saanenland region more attractive in cultural and tourism terms and to promote economic growth. The project introduces an utilisation concept for concerts, art exhibitions, literary readings and other public events which is unique in Switzerland. The building is to be privately financed and will stand in the centre of the village next to the Gstaad train station.

The project, developed by the Foundation Board, architect Rudy Ricciotti and his team and the municipality of Saanen, is now sufficiently advanced for it to be put to the vote at a municipal assembly. First of all, however, proof of funding for the cost of the infrastructure and the operating fund must be submitted.

In order for Les Arts Gstaad to become reality we need your support. We invite you to take a closer look at this project and become involved with Les Arts Gstaad. For the future of Gstaad and the Saanenland.

Kind regards,

J. Markus Kappeler-Steffen
President of the Foundation Board