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Les Arts Gstaad!

In the original business plan on which the project is based, under the title "Risks" the question is first posed: Can the project be financed in the form it is being proposed? At that time we were convinced it was possible, but today we know this assessment was false.

To date it has been possible for neither the Les Arts Gstaad Foundation nor the designated successor in the course of being founded, the Gstaad Music Hall Foundation, to obtain full financing. That is why the foundation board of Les Arts Gstaad has decided to dissolve the foundation. The intended new responsible body did not even implement the formation of the planned foundation.

However, the liquidation resolution of the Les Arts Gstaad Foundation states that the foundation is prepared "... to hand over the project to any other non-profit and tax-exempt organization that is interested in making the project a reality".

The idea must not be allowed die. Gstaad needs a cultural center, a concert hall. Gstaad needs new ideas for extending the winter as well as the summer seasons, which can be realized independently of the weather.

With Rudy Ricciotti's excellent project a basis was established and a standard set, which is fitting for Gstaad. Now it is time to expand the focus and explore alternatives. It is time for young talent to go new ways – you have our support.


J. Markus Kappeler

President of the Foundation Council